There may well be commercial reasons for not sharing business knowledge with competitive rivals. Doing that could lead to business being taken away, right from under the nose of the generous provider of information. But there are other areas in business and financial life where information should always be shared. This will be the crux of the financial services franchise industry. But all (knowledgeable) information provided by the service provider should and must be qualified.

financial services franchise

Doing so is a matter of law. Before becoming a full-time consultant or purchasing your own financial services franchise, you will be required to present to the franchisor all of your qualifications or accreditations. And should you not have all your ducks in a row if you will, but insist that this is the business for you, you should be willing and able to do the required studies until such time that you are fully qualified.  

You will know that this is reasonable. Unless you are an exception to the rule of general human behavior, and you have the millions to prove it, many people continue to be wrong-footed in terms of making bad financial or investment decisions in which there is evidence that such people have even gone on to face financial ruin, going as far as losing the roof over your head. As a financial services provider, you would surely not want that sort of calamity to rest on your conscience.

And as a decent person, you would surely take pride and joy in seeing a client of yours back on his feet and enjoying sound financial health and wealth. Financial wealth is not always determined by how much in cash, stocks and bonds you have accumulated. It has a lot more to do with what you do with that wealth.