As we go through life there just seems like there is never enough money when we need it.  When we do have a chance to save a few dollars it also seems that something will go wrong and we will need to pull from that savings fund.  The big question becomes, what ways are there to get some extra cash that won’t kill you?

For most people the thought of getting a cash advance bordentown nj seems to be their only solution.  However, with some thinking and creativity you can find other ways to make some extra cash that won’t cost you a ton in interest repayments.

Save the change

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This is the most basic way to save money.  Get a large jar or even a small jar and start saving all of your change.  How this works is at the end of the day you reach into your pockets and pull out all of the change that you have collected throughout the day and put it into the jar.  Over the course of the year you will be amazed to discover how much change you would have collected.

Dollar a week and double it

This is another good way to make some extra cash.  How it works is each week you will take a dollar and double it.  So, on week one you will have one dollar.  On week two you will put up two dollars.  On week three you put up three dollars and at the end of the month you put up four dollars.  At this point you will have ten dollars saved up.  Repeat this process for all fifty-two weeks and you will have saved up a substantial amount of money.  One way to make this process easier, you can start with fifty-two dollars in week one and then fifty one dollars in week two.  If you do it in reverse, you will have a lot more money saved up at the end of the year with less out of pocket.

When it comes to saving money creativity and consistency will be your main tools.